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Tips to Help Your Dog Calm Down While Grooming

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This article wants you to know and is guided on how to keep your pets calm down as they are being groomed. This is also to help reduce the discomfort for both you and the client. At times, dogs can be persistent and won’t do what you would ask them to do. As a result, this can cause troubles especially if you have several customers lined up waiting for their pets to be groomed as well. But, making sure that your dog is kept reassured, content, and calm will aid in minimizing the possibilities of experiencing these problems.  



Take a break  

When the time comes when the grooming process can all get out of hand, then guarantee that you back off for some time and respect your dog. This is crucial in terms of obtaining trust from your groomed pet, they can be guaranteed that you’ll stop whatever you’re doing to them when they don’t feel comfortable with it. Indeed, pet groomers know very well that this won’t be maintainable for each dog that enters the salon. But if you’re gradually introducing the process, then you’ll realize that breaks will happen less frequently and eventually won’t be required.  

Use treats 

When your dog is especially nervous around grooming equipment or can’t properly deal with the entire grooming process, then using treats is one of the perfect ways to reward them for letting you groom them. Once they sit or stand still and let you reposition and move them as required, then don’t forget to reward them with a stroke and verbal praise. With this, your dog will start to establish the connection between being groomed while given rewards and remaining calm at the same time. For those dogs who can be very nervous always, then ask the permission of the owner to encourage them to keep up an obedient and good behavior by giving them food treats. Over time, grooming them will be less likely to be a challenge for your pets and they will come to realize that there’s actually nothing to be worried about.  

Be familiar with the dog using the equipment  

Even for people, the fear of the unknown could actually put off people to attempt and experiencing other things. Hence, should we anticipate our pets to get easily comfy with new experiences and equipment? To make grooming enjoyable and easy, you have to establish a familiar environment wherein the dogs will feel that they are in control. Allow them to smell the tools that you want to use and try them out in advance. This way, it won’t be an unwelcome surprise for them.  

When it’s their first time going to a pet grooming salon, then ensure to follow their lead and take it at their pace—at the end of the day, the clients are always right. Let them have a sense of authority within the place so that they won’t feel overwhelmed and intimated.  

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